Bernadette Shaw

Are you looking for support while working through fear, anger, anxiety, & stress? Are these having negative effects on your relationship to yourself, your personal relationships and friendships? Are you supporting or working with the challenges of others who are experiencing & perhaps projecting their fear, anger, anxiety, & stress on you, or someone close to you? Perhaps you have reached a crossroads, are grieving the loss of something or someone dear? Wherever you are on the path of life I offer a comfortable safe space providing support, healing and exploration of needs and anxieties.

I offer open-ended person centred counselling with a warm, genuine and non-judgemental attitude in a completely safe space. I am committed to supporting you work towards your goals and face what needs to be faced, at your own pace, one session at a time. I have working experience in addictions. I can also offer therapy sessions outside in nature.

Phone: 07745 138204
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